Marchion & Faucher

Frequently Asked Questions

Are appointments for estimates available?

Yes. We are happy to make an appointment at your convenience to answer all of your questions and prepare an estimate for you.

Does Marchion and Faucher work year round?

Yes. Marchion & Faucher is a 12 month a year operation. It is a common misconception that when cold weather hits, tree work cannot be undertaken. This is definitely not true and in many cases it is the most practical time of year to do the work. Some work, such as landscaping & hardscaping, however, must wait until more temperate weather is prevalent.

Is Marchion and Faucher licensed and insured?

Yes, view our certificates in the footer of our website.

Does M&F do insect and tree disease treatment?

Yes, view our services here.

How much does an estimate cost?

All estimates are free of cost.  It is our pleasure to prepare for and present to you an estimate for services.

Do I need to be home for a estimate?

No. In most cases it is not required for you to be home. Enough information can be gathered from our phone consultation so that an arborist can be dispatched to your property to do the estimate. However, please remember appointments are always available to meet with a service representative in person.

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